New students may choose a teacher they wish to study with. Granted that the teacher has openings available, the student will be able to enroll with them. If the desired teacher has a wait list then the student will be placed with an alternative teacher until the desired teacher has an opening.

Lesson Schedules
Once a student has been assigned to a teacher the student will receive a set time of the week for their private lesson. We will be sure that the set time will work well for both the teacher and the student’s schedules.

What is required of the Student and their Parent

Lessons Beginners participate in 30 minute private lessons and 55 minute group classes. As the student advances the length of the private lesson will increase. Group classes are very important to the advancement of a student’s playing, and thus the student is required to participate in group classes when they enroll in private lessons. The parent must be present and engaged in both the private lesson and the group classes.

Practicing Students must spend time outside of lessons and classes practicing. Beginning students should practice 15-30 minutes per day, with the length of practice time increasing as the student advances. Parents must be supporting the student in their practicing, ensuring that the practice time is productive.

Parent Responsibilities After many years of teaching we have found that the parent’s involvement directly correlates to the progress the student makes. Parents are expected to be involved, engaged, and supportive during the lessons, group classes, and home practice. In addition, parents are expected to provide the opportunity to the students to attend concerts, masterclasses, performance opportunities, and special events on a regular basis.

Listening Students are expected to listen to the Suzuki CD and other recordings provided on a daily basis. Listening to their piece will help the student learn new pieces quickly, develop concentration, identify good tone quality and intonation, and increase motivation to progress and learn new pieces.