The Mukwonago String Academy is a well thriving music school and we work hard to bring quality musical education to our students ranging in ages 2 through adults. We present a curriculum that is age and ability appropriate in the form of weekly lessons, weekly group classes, performance opportunities, and community service. Students are expected to practice diligently on a daily basis at home, participate in recitals and performances, and come to masterclasses, lectures, and other special events. It is in attending and participating in these activities that students will see the most growth in their musical abilities. Parent involvement is a very important part of the student’s lessons and home practice. The instructors work with and involve the parent in the lessons and group classes to ensure they know how to help the student at home.

Private lessons range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the level and age of the student. Group classes are 55 minutes and include group/chamber playing and music theory and history lessons. Private lessons are spent working on technique, developing a beautiful tone, developing good intonation, working on practice performing, and much more. We work towards having a non-judgemental approach in the lessons and teachers work towards having a relaxed environment for the students to learn in.